Heads Up! Drawing Every Character In Concrete Park™ Part 1

Hello folks, here’s my comic book Concrete Park. Showbiz is tough and getting a published comic is like winning the super bowl. For everyone who asks me what I’m up to when I’m not writing Mad Men specs as conversation starters THIS is it. Hope you’re all well. Enjoy. x. e.

Message In A Bottle - The Official Concrete Park Blog

Concrete Park™ has a lot of characters. Let me repeat that. Concrete Park™ has a lot of characters, and god help me, it’s my job to draw them all. As the co-creator, co-writer and artist of this new graphic novel series from Dark Horse Comics, I helped to dream them up, and I now have the privilege of going to work every day with these brave, crazy, noble, cowardly, brilliant, dangerous, colorful, multi-ethnic, sexy people. It’s a big responsibility.

With the first issue of our new mini-series due in stores Sept. 3, and our new hardcover coming out Oct. 14th, (and with San Diego and Salt Lake Comic Cons around the corner) I was looking for a way to promote Concrete Park on twitter. It hit me: why not try and draw portraits of all the lead characters in our sci-fi epic, going back…

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