About Me

I’ve been acting professionally since I was discovered in a community theater in Philadelphia at 15 years old by producers Ismail Merchant and James Ivory. I’ve toured the world with Peter Brook and the Royal Shakespeare Company’s epic production of The Mahabharata and I’ve appeared countless times at The Public Theater in New York, but most people know me as “Cousin Pam” from The Cosby Show or as “Max” from Living Single.


6 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Dear Mrs. Erika Alexander,

     As an aspiring film actress and college freshman, I would like to express my respect and admiration for you and your work. I found it interesting that you were raised in Philadelphia. I live in New Jersey and Philadelphia is only 30mins to an hour away from me. Therefore, I consider Philadelphia and my city to be neighbors. I am very proud of artists who hail from Philadelphia as well as New Jersey.   You are  such an inspiration and I thank you for the strong characters you have portrayed in television. Although Living Single premiered 3 years before I was even born, I am a fan of the show and appreciate the content of the show and characters. 

    With that being said, your character Maxine Shaw not only serves as a role model to many young women, but also as proof that dark skin woman can play successful and knowledgable characters in Hollywood and be beautiful.  The other day I had a discussion with my mom about how black television now lacks successful black independent woman making a living for themselves and I used your character  Mac as an example. 

    Thank you for being an inspiration to  myself as a young actor. Not only do I respect you, but also your talents and your untarnished career. You proved  that black women do not have to degrade themselves or participate in scandals just to succeed and I applaud you for that. As I go about my acting career and studying for my degree in social work, you will always be one of my inspirations and I thank you. May you continue to be blessed mentally, physically, and professionally. 


    • Hello Deckonti – Firstly, thank you for your wonderful letter and apologies for the delay in answering. I appreciate you taking time to tell me your story and for your courage in going for your dreams. Showbiz, acting, ain’t for everybody. And it can be brutal at times, but it is a noble career. It can be. To be human, to perform what it is to be human..I know you’ll do well. My best to you my young friend. xx. e.

    • Hello Talisha – Thank you. I appreciate you checking out my Negro take on Mad Men and listening to the Black Tribble podcast. We had a fantastic time and hope to be in touch with the Black Tribbles in the future. Best. x. e.

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